Kids Heal Kids


Kids Heal Kids is a program where children of all ages are taught to heal other children who may be going through a challenge time or suffering through a health condition. When children are inspired to work from a place of gratitude, love, compassion, and meditation backed up by science, it helps transform the condition of the child who is receiving the healing energy. Children in this program are taught to elevate their emotions for the ones receiving the healing.

Children are not the only ones who need healing. Therefore, we have expanded this program in two more sections.


Children are taught compassion for their own furry friends and all other animals living on this planet. They will learn to heal their own animals as well as other animals who are sick, animals living in shelters and zoos, animals on duty, animals that assist people with health conditions, and more. Our focus is to guide children towards the right understanding of the animal kingdom. At Kids Gone Quantum, we strongly believe that “the animal kingdom is an intelligent system released into the human consciousness to help us attain our spiritual awakening at a faster pace.”


As our children evolve more and more consciously they are becoming aware of the need to live on a beautiful, clean, and green planet. Kids Heal Nature teaches children to elevate their thoughts and emotions towards Mother Nature. Children will also learn related concepts like water memory (based on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research), environment awareness, and more.

Our goal is to eventually create a powerful and conscious tribe of children who are aware and conscious of the work being done through them, by them, and for them.