Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream is a program where children are taught several visualizing techniques. This will be a hands-on program with an aim to practically teach children to visualize a powerful future through meditation, vision boards, story-telling, affirmation exercises, movie-making and more. Each area of this program involves active participation by the children in this program.

We also focus on teaching our visualizing techniques to children who are fighting a  health condition in their lives. Whether they are at home or in a hospital, our goal is to reach them and leave no child behind. In the future, scholarships will also be available for such children to attend our programs.

Finally, we want to teach all the children in this program, compassion and empathy for each other. The kids in this program will learn techniques and methods to heal other children who are sick, handicapped, or going through a challenging phase in their life. They will Dare to Dream of a powerful future not only for themselves, but also for other children their age.