Conscious Entrepreneurs

In our Conscious Entrepreneurs program, we take kids beyond the lemonade stands. There is a natural entrepreneur hidden within every child and we want to provide the perfect tools and knowledge for these budding businessmen and businesswomen. Lot of children today are choosing the entrepreneur route while still being in school. Children are welcoming new experiences of learning business skills and selling their products and services to the world.

However, we want to raise not just entrepreneurs but conscious entrepreneurs!  We want children to have the right incentives for starting a business. Yes, money is a huge motivator to start a business but focusing strictly on generating more money is like running an unconscious program within that has been ingrained in us by our society.

At Kids Gone Quantum, we make sure that our young entrepreneurs are using their creativity and innovative capabilities to create conscious business ideas. We help children tie in their passion to their business idea. While we do not tell them exactly which product or service to provide, we gently nudge them in the right direction. Ultimately, the children make their own business decisions. We educate them about all aspects of business, entrepreneurship, and the impact of their contribution to the world.