Attitude of Gratitude

“Gratitude is a Game-Changer!”

In this program, we remind and encourage children to practice gratitude everyday, in every situation, and every moment of the day. Children are taught to change their focus from what is lacking in their lives to paying attention to what is present in their lives. Children learn to focus on the gifts they already have within themselves.

Feeling authentically grateful can be a difficult thing for many adults, let alone children. Many times, gratitude is only about saying “thank you” out of practice or simply running an unconscious program within us. After receiving something, children learn to say thank you from their parents, teachers, and society in general. The real meaning of gratitude is never experienced because the real act of receiving has never been felt.

And yet why is gratitude so important? According to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research in this area, it has been proved that when a person feels gratitude, dramatic effects are observed on the body. The body can heal itself by strengthening the immune system and upregulating genes. When children feel and practice gratitude on a day-to-day basis, they create a true receiving state and create energy that is drawing the future they wish for towards them in every moment.

Children are taught gratitude exercises through meditations, journaling, games, story-telling, and actually participating in random acts of kindness specifically designed for them in this program. Giving is Receiving!